Rock Climbing in India

If you have the adventure seeking blood in you, then you must be rock climbing one of these days. Rock climbing definitely is considered a classy outdoor activity. Rock climbing can be arduous for beginners, but experienced climbers climb in a different mood altogether concentrating hard on each move made and not worrying about day-to-day life as one wrong step could prove to be a costly mistake. Basic features for a perfect rock climbing session include rock face climbing, utilizing only the hands, safety rope and feet. Continue reading

Honeymoon Vacation Packages & Deals in Caribbean Resorts and Hotels

All Inclusive Resorts CaribbeanAfter you have chosen a partner to spend your life with one of the major choices to be made is a destination for a honeymoon. It’s a very important part of ones life as the love in the initial stages becomes memorable between this times one spends during this period of honeymoon. Just imagine watching sunset from an over water bungalow, or swimming along with dolphins, enjoying the lively nightlife with holding beer glasses and listening to music.

We can assure you that our packages are such that can give you the feel of eternity. No matter you love shopping or you are more environments friendly, whether you like adventure or you are fond of beaches that carry enticement for a perfect romance, we have it all with our list. We are experts of dealing with honeymoon packages and can easily link you with the choice of your own destination honeymoon point. We have many locations as per the affordability of your own pockets. Click here for the latest offers. From the scenic beauties to the mountain ranges, from scuba diving to resting in the open sun, we provide you with the best of services in an all inclusive package that becomes even more affordable with us. Continue reading

The Ganges and the Varanasi

India is country which has many sacred lands and such that people from far and wide come to pay homage to these lands. And the Ganges and Varanasi is very holy. Ganges is the holy river which flows through the holy city of Varanasi. Taking a dip in river of Ganga it is believed that people will be able to wash off their sin of past. Also it is known to clean man’s soul. Ganges river is believed to keep the land of India holy and sacred. Varanasi is known to be the holiest city, famous for ghats. These ghats are riverbank staircase made up of stones which leads direct into the water. Such that a person can easily stand on the staircase and take holy dip in the sacred and holy water of the Ganges. Continue reading

Experience the magnificence of Victoria Falls

Almost all of us are familiar with the spectacular Victoria Falls, while are located in southern Africa. It is located on the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The major source of this stunning falls is the Zambezi River. When the height and width of these waterfalls are calculated together, it is said to be the world’s largest sheet of falling water. Dr. David Livingstone, Scottish explorer has given the waterfall its name.

You can easily reach Victoria Falls from Livingstone, Zambia and Zimbabwe. If you are using Zambia as the starting point of your journey we would recommend you explore the complete natural wonder and cross the border and see what is offered by the falls in Zimbabwe. You would definitely love the different perspective. Continue reading

Golden Pavilion: Kinkakuji

Golden Pavilion is in Japan, a religious monument that is listed in the list of World Heritage Sites. Golden Pavilion is in Kyoto in Japan. In Japanese term its known as Kinkakuji which means the temple of Golden Pavilion that is cover in gold or gold leaf. This is obvious from the name that Golden Pavilion has gold cover on it. in most beautiful gardens, there is the Buddhist Japanese Temple. The main building of the Buddhist Japanese Temple is famously known as the Golden Pavilion. Deer garden Temple is name given to complex in which the Golden Pavilion is located. Golden Pavilion was inscribed into World Cultural heritage site in year 1994. Continue reading

Temple of Meenakshi

India is land of temples. There is so much of serene and tranquil feel about the temple. When you worship almighty at temple you feel so connected. Man have made so many temples and in India the temples are so bTemple of Meenakshieautiful and sacred. One such beautiful and magnificent temple of the Hindu temples is the Meenakshi temple. The Meenakshi temple is in Madurai, in South India. South India has many au revered temples and one of them is the Meenakshi temple. Meenakshi temple is renowned for the skyscraping gopurams as well as for elaborate carvings on the gateway of the temple.

The Meenkashi temple is very old temple, it was started to build in the thirteenth century and it was erected by the sixteenth century. The Gopurams of the Meenkashi temple reach height of some fifty meters high that is 165 feet. Continue reading

Get To A US Virgin Islands Best All Inclusive Resorts Today!

Best Western Emerald Beach Resort, US Virgin IslandsPlanning a trip for next summer and need a little help? Not to worry the TripAdvisor Travelers’ score gives us a review of all virgin Island hotel’s and resorts. So you can pick the right one for your family. Weather you are looking for a nice family oriented place for the kids to play or a beautiful hot escape, you are sure to be able to find it here today.

We have detailed reviews of each hotel in the area so you and your family can truly see which are the best US Virgin Islands all inclusive resorts – visit Weather your looking for a comfy little shack of a hotel to just stay a few night or a full on luxury resort we are sure to be able to help you with what ever you happen to be looking for this summer or any other season you might happen to stop by. Virgin Islands has great weather for you and your family all year round. Continue reading

Popular Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Covering more than half of South America, Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. It is packed with white-sand beaches, music-filled metropolises, tropical islands and attractive colonial towns that border the 4,600 miles long coastline. Popular tourist attractions in Brazil consist of wetlands filled with exotic wildlife, the intact wilderness of Amazon rainforest, isolated tribes and imposing waterfalls. Continue reading