Golden Pavilion: Kinkakuji

Golden Pavilion is in Japan, a religious monument that is listed in the list of World Heritage Sites. Golden Pavilion is in Kyoto in Japan. In Japanese term its known as Kinkakuji which means the temple of Golden Pavilion that is cover in gold or gold leaf. This is obvious from the name that Golden Pavilion has gold cover on it. in most beautiful gardens, there is the Buddhist Japanese Temple. The main building of the Buddhist Japanese Temple is famously known as the Golden Pavilion. Deer garden Temple is name given to complex in which the Golden Pavilion is located. Golden Pavilion was inscribed into World Cultural heritage site in year 1994. (more…)

Temple of Meenakshi

India is land of temples. There is so much of serene and tranquil feel about the temple. When you worship almighty at temple you feel so connected. Man have made so many temples and in India the temples are so bTemple of Meenakshieautiful and sacred. One such beautiful and magnificent temple of the Hindu temples is the Meenakshi temple. The Meenakshi temple is in Madurai, in South India.

South India has many au revered temples and one of them is the Meenakshi temple. Meenakshi temple is renowned for the skyscraping gopurams as well as for elaborate carvings on the gateway of the temple.

The Meenkashi temple is very old temple, it was started to build in the thirteenth century and it was erected by the sixteenth century. The Gopurams of the Meenkashi temple reach height of some fifty meters high that is 165 feet. (more…)

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Wyoming has amazing destinations in store for people looking for mountain adventure. And one such amazing destination in Wyoming is the Grand Teton National Park where in you will see the granite peaks with bears, elk and moose. (more…)

Popular Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Covering more than half of South America, Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. It is packed with white-sand beaches, music-filled metropolises, tropical islands and attractive colonial towns that border the 4,600 miles long coastline. Popular tourist attractions in Brazil consist of wetlands filled with exotic wildlife, the intact wilderness of Amazon rainforest, isolated tribes and imposing waterfalls. (more…)

Adventure with Adventure Balloons

Ballooning is fun as well as adventure.

And a perfect combination of vast escape in solace of Nevada, floating high, winds kissing you. A journey whose end you don’t know yet you love it, Adventure Balloons in Las Vegas the sin city is adventure you must try. Take a trip in air, with your family and see the Red Rock Canyon from above or go as a couple and propose your love or for hand in marriage at the great heights to make your love and relation soar as well. And well all buddies who are to Las Vegas for fun should try this adventure. Though this is not party or casino but definitely a way to see the vast expanse of the desert of Las Vegas. An adventure balloon is one of the places in Las Vegas where you can take your kids along for perfect Las Vegas Holidays. See the beautiful terrain by exploring the Vegas from height is very exciting and amazing. (more…)