Everest Base Camp Trek

Moun Everest, which towers above Khumbu (one of the three sub regions of the main Sherpa settlement of the Himalayas) at over 29,000 feet, is considered as the toughest challenge and adventure on this planet. Everest base camp trek starts from Lukla to the vast glaciers and the sharp ridgelines of the Himalayas in and around the Everest. (more…)

Diving Blue Corner

Diving Blue is the most sought after dive site in the Pacific island nation of Palau. Blue Corner is an advanced dive marked by very strong and sudden currents and those with weak hearts are strictly advised not to engage in exploring Blue Corner. Moreover, these conditions at Diving Blue make this ridge that protrudes out into the open sea and drops down to thousands of feet, an ideal roaming ground for sharks. (more…)

Kichwa Tembo Bateleur Camp

Kichwa Tembo is situated at the foot of the Oloololo Escarpment on the western border of the Masai Mara Reserve in southwestern Kenya. Meaning ‘Head of the Elephant’ in KiSwahili, Kichwa Tembo is located on a private concession leased from Maasai landlords in the exclusive western Mara – much less crowded than the eastern part of the Reserve. (more…)

Tales from the Wilderness – Kruger National Park

In the wilderness of South Africa deep in the verdant expanse of Greenland lies a land of paradise – The Kruger National Park. Here you would find the best kind of flora and fauna and the stupendous surroundings would certainly give you the time of your life. There are two ways you can reach this place. One is by air where you can access this place from the Hoedspruit Airport, Kruger Mpumalanga International airport or the Phalaborwa airport. Otherwise just take a car and drive down to this place. (more…)

Phuket Diving

Phuket is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South’ and for scuba divers it’s the jewel in the crown of the Andaman Sea. This island paradise lies only 8 degrees north of the equator; it enjoys a tropical climate with average water temperature of 28°C/78°F and has an amazing variety of aquatic life. (more…)

Diving in Bahrain

The warm, shallow waters of the Bahrain archipelago are teeming with oyster beds. Water temperature varies between 18C in Jan to 34C in August. There are a number of wrecks around the island including ships, tugs and planes. History and ancient history would suggest that diving itself was probably born in and around the warm shallow waters of Bahrain. (more…)

Sailing from Buddhism to Modernization – Bhutan

Travel, for the most part, involves in experiencing something out of the blue and the urge to always see something new. It gives great joy to do things not done before or seeing things haven’t seen before. These little details of accepting the unexpected rejuvenates the whole travel mood while the idea of seeking more unexplored places starts off eventfully and the journey a never ending one. (more…)

Ever Changing Niseko Hirafu

For those of us fortunate enough to visit Niseko on an annual basis it is mind-blowing to see the vast changes that can take place in a short period of time. Hirafu in particular is a dynamic area which constantly sees expansion and growth whether it’s a restaurant re-design, a house renovation or a brand new hotel. Just a quick look on google maps and you can see how remarkably outdated images that were shot just a few years ago are. (more…)