Wondering at the Monument Falls

If you ever get a chance to explore the Glacier National Park in the Montana state of the United States of America, just do not miss it! It is the preserved area where many mountains, over 100 lakes, over 1000 species of flora and fauna, and a myriad of waterfalls pulls you proudly. Of these, one stunning natural wonder is the Monument Falls that is among the three high waterfalls that cascade into the distant side of the famous Avalanche Lake. This lake is just at a distance of short trail off of the Highway named Going to the Sun in the park.

Being 561 m tall that comes to 1840 feet, the falls are nourished by the snowfields as well as glaciers located in the Floral Park.

Although the falls cascade down throughout the year, it is always recommended to see the falls at the time of early summer. Look for the tallest drop of 1160 feet that is 354 m in height among the three different drops. That is the main draw of the Monument Falls. This waterfall has a horsetail shape with eye catching segmented cascades.

Officially, it seems that the Monument Falls is identified as the last 220 to 250 feet area of the falls, which is marked by the confluence of three streams. But, logically, it is apparent to all the visitors that the main part of the Monument Falls is nothing but the mainstream.

Besides just visiting the falls, you can go for camping near the larger lakes such as St. Mary and Apgar, hiking, and cross-country skiing. Many of these lakes offer historic boat trips carrying over 80 tourists to explore the park.


There are chalets in the famous areas – Belton, Two Medicine, Granite Park, and Sperry. There is also the Glacier Park Lodge in the east of the park and the Many Glacier Hotel to the east bank of the Swiftcurrent Lake. All these stay choices offer dramatic setting and picturesque views. One more option is the Lewis Glacier Hotel near Lake McDonald, which is now known as Lake McDonald Lodge. All of these are entitled as the National Historic Landmarks.

Reaching the park

The Glacier National Park is actually located remotely from the principal cities. So, the nearest airport is situated at Kalispell in Montana that is in the southwest direction. There are also Amtrak trains that halt at the West and East Glacier. Also, look for Red Jammers, special buses that take you on the tour of all the major roads of the park.