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Trips to Petra, Jordan

Petra, the old capital of the Nabataeans located in the hilly semi-dessert of Jordan, was put on the list of the 7 modern world-wonders and experiences a boom in visitors since then. This article describes the access to the ancient city, provides tips and hints, some historical information and a short description of the site and the most famous monuments. The best way to explore Petra is a guided tour, UB Cool organizes three different tours to Petra. Continue reading “Trips to Petra, Jordan” »


Top skiing destinations in Canada

Canada has some of the best skiing resorts in the world from the rocky mountain resorts of Banff and Canmore to the highly popular resort of whistler in British Columbia,these resorts in winter have only one thing on there mind and that is to give the skier the time of there lives and you will not be disappointed. EasyVacationPlanning helps you to find the best-rated Canadian ski destinations.

Canmore and Banff in Alberta stand at the gate way to the rocky mountains in both towns there are plenty of accommodation from high class hotels to the more down to earth hotels that cater for the family to the bed and breakfast establishments Continue reading “Top skiing destinations in Canada” »


Enjoy your holiday in Kathu villas

Enjoy your next holiday on the island of Phuket, Thailand in a beautiful private resort style villa situated in the district of Kathu. Not too long ago, Kathu district was a small fishing village located on the west side of the island.  Now, this district has bloomed into a bustling community renowned for the islands best golf resorts, shopping, restaurants, nightlife and Patong Beach. Continue reading “Enjoy your holiday in Kathu villas” »


US Road trip: What to see

Your going across the country, what to see? My personal preference is to stay away from over populated areas. Big cities all look the same, to this I answer go west young man, go west. The most spectacular scenery in this country is west of the Mississippi. On the northern route west, you have the Black Hills, Deadwood, and Mt. Rushmore just to name the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading “US Road trip: What to see” »


When to look for seat sales

We all love travelling, more so if we are able to travel in a cost effective way. Whichever our destination is or reason if for travel, we want to do it while stress free. As vacations draw closer, most people are looking into visiting different distant parts of the country or overseas. Thanks to the many airlines that fly our skies, all these travels are possible. Airline tickets may however prove to be a steep hurdle to jump as you initialize this first step of your travel. Some tickets may hike in price during certain periods of the year as airlines try to rake on the most out of the huge traffic of travelers. At other times, airlines may give out airline promotions to try and attract more customers to its planes. It is such promotions that are well sought after by many. Continue reading “When to look for seat sales” »


Top tips for solo motorcycle traveller through Asia

Motorcycle traveling through Asia can be quite the experience, especially for the solo traveller. To make the most of your experience proper research and planning is crucial. To get you start, below is a list of tips to help you with your travels. Continue reading “Top tips for solo motorcycle traveller through Asia” »


Top 3 Things To Do When Backpacking Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination for almost everyone, especially nature lovers. However, it is also a very expensive destination, which could be such a big turn off. We suggest you rough it out by backpacking and camping.

Most visitors are probably in resorts and hotels, but if you backpack your way through Hawaii, you will see a more beautiful side of it. Continue reading “Top 3 Things To Do When Backpacking Hawaii” »


5 Campsites You Must Visit in Europe

Camping is the perfect way to get away from just about it all. With thousands of campsites across Europe you’re definitely spoilt for choice. If you don’t know where to start, here are five great campsites we believe you must visit in your lifetime right in the heart of Europe. Continue reading “5 Campsites You Must Visit in Europe” »