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Tahiti Islands : Romance with the waves

The Tahiti islands are extra ordinary. The setting is very romantic so it would make a great place for a honeymoon venue but at the same time the waters around are islands offer amazing potential for sailing and other water adventure sports. (more…)


Wondering at the Monument Falls

If you ever get a chance to explore the Glacier National Park in the Montana state of the United States of America, just do not miss it! It is the preserved area where many mountains, over 100 lakes, over 1000 species of flora and fauna, and a myriad of waterfalls pulls you proudly. Of these, one stunning natural wonder is the Monument Falls that is among the three high waterfalls that cascade into the distant side of the famous Avalanche Lake. This lake is just at a distance of short trail off of the Highway named Going to the Sun in the park. (more…)


Ajanta Caves – India

In any event, if you are planning a visit to India, make sure you visit Ajanta Caves. It suits well for both tourists seeking adventure as well as some solace and honeymooners too for a quiet time together from the usual noisy scenes back home. The visit to Ajanta entices you charmingly with its mysteries deepened and the mind seeking answers to numerous questions about existence of life dating back to many centuries. (more…)