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Templo de Diana, Evora

The Templo de Diana is one of the most notable Roman temples and tourist attractions in Portugal. It is remarkably well preserved even in the present age. It is situated at the center of the town of Evora in Portugal. The temple is in disrepair in some places. It has been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The Temple of Diana is also referred to as the Temple of Evora. The temple is referred to as the Roman Temple of Evora. (more…)


5 Campsites You Must Visit in Europe

Camping is the perfect way to get away from just about it all. With thousands of campsites across Europe you’re definitely spoilt for choice. If you don’t know where to start, here are five great campsites we believe you must visit in your lifetime right in the heart of Europe. (more…)


Active camping holidays in Europe

Finding a holiday that suits all the family or group can be a difficult task, as each member of the group will usually have different interests which they understandably like to indulge whenever they’re away from home. So a camping holiday needs some thorough thought to ensure everyone is catered for. (more…)