India and Winter Sports – A Perfect Combination

Summer comes and goes spreading enough sunshine into our hearts. Then, it’s time for winter to creep in and the idea of playing a sport must go on. Surprisingly, though not that popular, India’s considered as one among the best places when it comes to winter sports globally.

India offers many places for proper winter sports, and the location of these places is just right creating no problems whatsoever to reach there.

There’re classy places, best hilltop facilities and wide array of winter sports in India. Basically, winter sport simply means sledging, skiing and trekking. All these activities are undertaken either by institutions hiring experienced professionals for various expeditions or simply these experienced adventurists taking out their own tour.

There’re plenty of foreign tourists visiting India during winters to experience the awesomeness of the mountains as well as to get into some serious winter sports. From Himalayan Ranges in North all the way to K2 in the East, there’re are plenty of places for active winter sports in India. The three winter sports that you could enjoy in India are:

Heli Skiing

Snow Skiing

Ice Climbing & Mountaineering