The three gorges and the Yangtze river

China has been shaped by the Yangtze River in much more than any physical way. This place has banks which are so rich that they which have been fought over by the beautiful upper regions. The landscape here is made of pointed Karst formations. The swirling mists here have been plundered and admired. A lot of the life here in china is based around this river. And the routes go all the way to the ancient cities age old secrets.

These people are always on the lookout for ways to make more trade. This attitude of sucking wealth along the sea has been. This is generally going towards feeding the vast population of the region. The houses here is built in a very ethnic Chinese fashion, as the river flows and heads closer to the commercial part of the region the influence of two eastern cultures start to show quite prominently. This region is rich in its history and the place is now for its amazing sight seeing spots. The river here has a lot of routes to choose from, you can also choose what kind of cruise you want to get on. The difference lies mainly in the time that the cruises take.

Yangtze river

If you are traveling the whole route then try taking an excursion from Fengdu. This place is apparently called ‘Ghost city’ this is because the city is that old and also it is believed to be the place where the dead people navigate to. This place has many relics which are there all along the way. The skull located here is located at the gateway. This is supposed to be the first thing that the visitors who come here to the river. This region is otherwise also quite beautiful. The famous snow jade cave and he Han tombs are also in proximity tot his place.

Fengdu happened to be unfortunately flooded by Fengdu these got flooded by the Three Gorges Dam Project. This topic is quite discussed all over the place. The three gorges here are also very famous and commonly visited sites. There are many cruise boats that take you through this gorge. One of the three gorges is called Qutand. This apparently is the narrowest and most spectacular of all the three gorges. This place is followed by Wuxia Gorge just before you enter the Dam. There are narrow passages that originate from the lesser gorges, these can be gotten to in smaller boats. This is a beautiful way to get a glimpse of the amazing Karst scenery.

Yangtze river China