Wild Island Family Adventure Park: for fun filled adventure with your kids

In the Northern Nevada, a ultimate destination for fun, excitement, thrilling adventure with your kids there is large family amusement complex name Wild Island Family Adventure Park, a complete package for adults and children to have fun.

Locates in base of Sierra and in shadows of city of Reno and city of Sparks, it is an oasis of fun for family the Wild Island Family Adventure Park. Escape to this oasis in midst of desert, Wild Isalnd Adventure Park is Fantastic but also ‘Fun’tastic for everyone.

Wild Island Family Adventure Park


Cool fun in the sun. get your toddlers toes wet in Little lagoon and let your children splash ad whoosh in water. There are three mini slides. The liquid adventureland of splish-splashing you can swim, twist, chill, turn, swirl and float in the water and water rides and slides. Grab towel, in your swimming gears and just jump into those cool waters. There is also gift shop that you should visit. Slurp the cold Dipping Dots ice cream. Aruba and the Calypso Café’s are good place to eat. For age 21 and above can enjoy amongst cool crowds of young gals and boys at Kokomo’s Island Bar. Have healthy Green Coconut.

Hours: 11am to 7pm


General Admission for 48” and taller: $25.50

Junior Admission for Under 48” tall is $20.50

Senior Citizens that is age 60plus is $8.50

Children age below 3 and under are admitted for FREE

After 3 p.m. all the admissions is of $18.50

Rents: Single tube: $3.75 w/ $1.50 deposit

Double tube: $5.75 w/ $1.50 deposit

Locker: $2.00 w/ $5.00 deposit

Coconut Bowling: One of the best bowling place, with 32 state of art lanes. The exciting fact about this place is bowling lanes glows in night with laser lights. There is rocking music playing at back which will alleviate mood. The Coconut Bowling has bowling garage for private parties with eight lanes for that only. Shoes for bowling also glow in night. The Laser Mazes are the attraction and highlight of the place, time your moves to beat maze, challenge your friends.

It is a three story place, has High Ballocity where in you can play challenging games. Water Dogs Snack Bar and other restaurants serves special pizzas, salads, wraps and beverages.

Regular Bowling

Monday to Friday timings are 10am – 5:30pm

Prices: Youth 16 years and under: $2.00

seniors who are 55 years and Older: $1.50

Adults: $2.50

Glow Bowling

Monday to Friday timings are 5:30pm onwards

Saturday to Sunday it’s all day

All ages: $4.00


All Ages: $2.75

Hourly bowling

$35 per hour

Additional Bowling Time:

$30 per hour or $8.75 per 15 minutes but with purchase of hourly bowling

Indy G-karts and Sprint Karts:

This is thrilling place where you can speed up and enjoy the go karting experience here. Get in, strap yourself and then enjoy. Twisting and weaving on tracks, you can take a passenger along if you opt for double cars.

Prices: Sprint Cars height should be between 40? to 54? Tall and the five Minute Ride cost for $4.00

Indy Cars height should be above 54? Tall and for five Minute Ride cost is $6.50

Indy Car Passengers: Free

Mini Golf’s and Arcade Adventures:

There is 18 hole mini golf and Pirate Cove Black Light mini golf and indoor course where nine holes glow of ye olde pirate adventure. There is redemption arcade for you to have more fun.

Wild Island Family Adventure Park is ultimate fun destination as mentioned earlier Funtastic place.