Adventure with Adventure Balloons

Ballooning is fun as well as adventure.

And a perfect combination of vast escape in solace of Nevada, floating high, winds kissing you. A journey whose end you don’t know yet you love it, Adventure Balloons in Las Vegas the sin city is adventure you must try. Take a trip in air, with your family and see the Red Rock Canyon from above or go as a couple and propose your love or for hand in marriage at the great heights to make your love and relation soar as well. And well all buddies who are to Las Vegas for fun should try this adventure. Though this is not party or casino but definitely a way to see the vast expanse of the desert of Las Vegas. An adventure balloon is one of the places in Las Vegas where you can take your kids along for perfect Las Vegas Holidays. See the beautiful terrain by exploring the Vegas from height is very exciting and amazing.

Ballooning is adventure cum fun. Adventure is all that will actually matter and not the destination. Kids just love it, being suspended in a basket with such a huge balloon with myriads of colors on their head. And the huge sized buildings and hotels of the Las Vegas will be seen like small and tiny freckles. Fly high in huge balloon that even adults will love it. The view of Red Rock Canyon is ultimate and such that you will cherish it throughout your life.

Adventure Balloon offers ultimate fun and adventure of balloon floating in air. The safety records of the Adventure Balloons is best, the pilot who flies the balloons has experience of many years. Moreover, his experience is such that he doesn’t fly any such place that is danger or land at any such place which is not safe. You are in safe basket!

Adventure Balloons includes:

Wedding Celebrations Balloon Ride
Scenic Balloon Ride
Group flights
Flight Instructions
Tethered Balloon Rides
Also for promotions
Educational trips

The company organizes various events for fund raising and rents different sizes and shape balloons for doing promotional activities.
You will find different type of Adventure Balloons

Smile: well this is big balloon of the Adventure Balloons and is namesake for the smiles it brings to kids and people when floating in air. This balloon is stated as the icon of Adventure Balloons. It features smile design on it. It has capacity of carrying eight people and one pilot in it and towers almost ten stories. It’s so huge.

Band of Gold as the name suggest is more for romantic purpose, carries maximum three passengers and can be used for proposing, wedding and honeymoon adventure.

Re/Max is another one which is now available for floating.

An Airstrip which is of 115-foot and is mostly used in commercial purpose that is for advertising.