Tales from the Wilderness – Kruger National Park

In the wilderness of South Africa deep in the verdant expanse of Greenland lies a land of paradise – The Kruger National Park. Here you would find the best kind of flora and fauna and the stupendous surroundings would certainly give you the time of your life. There are two ways you can reach this place. One is by air where you can access this place from the Hoedspruit Airport, Kruger Mpumalanga International airport or the Phalaborwa airport. Otherwise just take a car and drive down to this place.

The Phalaborwa airport lies in the northern part of Kruger National Park, the Hoedspruit airport lies in the Central part of the park and the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport lies in the Southern part of the park.  Then you can also access the park from the Johannesburg or Tanmbo Airport. There are private flights chartered to Kruger National Park Lodge which has an airstrip.


As you go to the Kruger National Park there are many spots for sightseeing. Let us see what we have at the Olifants River. This is the dividing line between the northern Kruger and the southern Kruger. The south has a lovely vegetation of the bush willow. In the northern part you find more of the mopaneveld and the beginning of the country of elephants. This in between zone is a unique place of Kruger National Park and has the rugged veld with black rocks dominating the landscape. There is a wild growth of thorn found here and there is generally a mixture of trees of woodland. The River Letaba meets the Olifants River at a place called the Lebombo. This is a beautiful sight.

Here in Olifants you would find the velds in the camp, the shrub mopane grasslands in the eastern part of Olifants, the mixed mopane woodlands in the western Olifant region, and lots of riverine bush along the Rivers Olifants and Letaba.

Not much animals are found here and the activity is concentrated on the banks of the rivers. You can get to see elephants, lion and leopards besides the waterbuck which are majorly found near Letaba.

These river sites are the perfect breeding spots and also great bird zones. The bird zones are predominantly found in the northern banks of the Engelhard dam. This lies near the Letaba camp. In fact this is the place where you get to see some Iron Age artifacts in the Masorini Picnic which is near the Phalaborwa Gate.

Take a drive from the Engelhard Dam to the Mingerhout Dam and you could get to see the animals near water.

One guaranteed view here in Kruger is the Impala the antelope in the Park. Do not miss the sight of this intriguing animal here.


With a lot more places to see and more safaris to take, Kruger National Park comes across as the ideal adventure spot in this part of Africa.