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Koh Tao diving: Diverse with 25 sites

Do you love diving? Then, what will you do if you get a chance to explore an island offering 25 sites in and around? I am sure you will be certainly excited to be there. This time, I am talking of Koh Tao diving in Thailand. Diving in Thailand is surely mesmerizing with its many eye soothing sites bearing the waters of Andaman Sea or Gulf of Thailand, but on Koh Tao, it is very outstanding. This most enticing island is hidden in the Gulf and attracts countless tourists each year. Anybody who has experienced Koh Tao diving always wants to come back here to explore more and more hidden marine treasures. (more…)


Diving Blue Corner

Diving Blue is the most sought after dive site in the Pacific island nation of Palau. Blue Corner is an advanced dive marked by very strong and sudden currents and those with weak hearts are strictly advised not to engage in exploring Blue Corner. Moreover, these conditions at Diving Blue make this ridge that protrudes out into the open sea and drops down to thousands of feet, an ideal roaming ground for sharks. (more…)


Diving in Bahrain

The warm, shallow waters of the Bahrain archipelago are teeming with oyster beds. Water temperature varies between 18C in Jan to 34C in August. There are a number of wrecks around the island including ships, tugs and planes. History and ancient history would suggest that diving itself was probably born in and around the warm shallow waters of Bahrain. (more…)