Ohiopyle white water rafting

Ohiopyle in Pennsylvania refers to a small area that is nestled in the Laurel Highland Mountains at some 50 miles from Pittsburgh. The term itself means the ‘white frothy water’ and is aptly named for the river of the same kind flowing in the Ohiopyle National Park. This river is called the Youghiogheny River or just ‘Yough’ that has facilitated what is known as the Ohiopyle white water rafting. In the Eastern US, this river is among the most famous whitewater spots. Mixing Class 1 to Class 5 rapids, this water body offers great adventures for both the kayakers as well as the rafters of all levels.

Ohiopyle white water rafting

This river crossing the mid-area of the Ohiopyle State Park offers some perfect Ohiopyle white water rafting as well as kayaking not only in Pennsylvania, but also on the East Coast. Thousands of people throng this park every year – the credit also goes to the location of the river from where major cities such as Washington, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh are accessible in just a short drive. To obtain the best of the Ohiopyle white water rafting, one needs to choose between the two parts of the river that are rafted, which are namely, Lower Yough and the Middle Yough.

Lower Yough

Rafting this area is the most famous activity in the park with more than 125,000 folks that take back home these many experiences from the Ohiopyle State Park each year. This one stretches for 7.5 miles and belongs to class III and IV white water. From the put-in next to the check-in booth, you take this adventurous itinerary down to Bruner Run provided you do not want to run the Loop. You will be proud to raft the most rafted waters in Mississippi. The rapids always welcome the beginners because they are easy to raft, but without losing the interest of the experienced rafters. You reach to this Lower Yough in just three hours of drive from the different cities mentioned above.

Ohiopyle white water rafting

For rafting this side of the river, there are options for you to choose: outfitters, guided or un-guided, and the selection among the inflatable kayak, raft, or a paddle boat. The guided trip on the Lower Yough is something that is offered by all the dedicated outfitters in the town, who charge from $40-$80 per person as per the day and month. This is because higher prices are charged during the weekends as well as summer months. And yes, bargain is not possible on these days. However, if you want to do so, come here spring or fall as the charges drastically fall due to fewer visitors.

Bear in mind that a guided tour here does not actually involve the guide in your raft. But, he can be on your request or if you spend more. The latter option is required if you are a bit nervous or an inexperienced person. Actually, the guides are only responsible to paddle alongside for leading you via the each rapid and will also aid you via the hand signals.

On the other hand, the unguided trips just involve renting a raft, shredder, or an inflatable kayak from any of the local outfitters for rafting in Ohiopyle. It is only you and the river to carry out the adventure.

Ohiopyle white water rafting

Middle Yough

This is the preference of the families who want to raft with small children. This one is of 11 miles and belongs to the calls I and II rapids making it an ideal area for the novice rafters as well as the kayakers. This part of the river begins in Confluence, while it ends in the parks itself.

Best time

Spring, although summer and fall are also great.


I would recommend experiencing the Ohiopyle white water rafting by approaching one of the outfitters listed below, who organize tours for all age groups and offer rentals too.

Wilderness Voyageurs:    This is the most ancient operator guiding the adventures for more than 40 years.

White Water Adventurers:     This is the second-most preferred tour company that feature professionally guided trips and tips.

Laurel Highlands River Tours:     Owned by a family, this is one more great tour company to approach.


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