Kayaking the Broken Group Islands

About Broken Group Islands: The Broken Group is a group of small islands located in the middle of Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada. The island group is preserved as the Broken Islands Group Unit of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The Broken Islands include Brabant Islands, Hand Island, Cree Island and Reeks Island.

Broken Islands

Kayaking at Broken Islands:

Rugged coasts, misty forests, marine wildlife and fascinating Northwest Indian culture surround the adventurers as they move along the protected inlets of the Broken Islands in a kayak. The marine animals here include sea lions, bald eagles, harbour seals and gray whales. It is indeed a lifetime experience to drift over the crystal clear shallow waters in the kayaks as with the move, colorful anemones, urchins, sea stars and other animals come to the fore. Both fresher and seasoned kayakers can explore this perfectly set marine environment. Besides kayaking, a full day of hiking in the Long Beach and whale watching in the afternoon are other fun adventures to indulge in Broken Islands. The adventure comprises in all, three nights of island camping and three nights of bed & breakfast lodging.

Kayaking itinerary:

Day 1: The trip begins in Ucluelet, British Columbia. Relax in the afternoon or go for a beach walk. A welcome dinner with guides and fellow kayakers and a trip orientation.

Day 2: Drive to kayak launch at Toquart Bay on Barkley Sound. The adventurers first review the kayaking techniques, the safety norms and lsoon after that, the adventurers set off in boats for the Broken Group Islands. The group chooses a centrally located island, depending on weather and tides, and they set up camp there for the next three nights. Broken Group is a highly regulated area where a group of kayakers must be restricted to eight paddlers (or more groups).

Day 3-4: Two full days of fun in Broken Group Islands. The adventurers in due course of the adventure, poke into shallow coves to drift over tide pools, pull their kayaks onto the wild beaches to explore forests on foot and also paddling to the outer islands while keeping a watch on sea lions and seals. The adventure takes place in form of paddling for four-six hours a day at a modest pace, using both double and single kayaks. Camping on beach.

Day 5: Another whole morning of paddling and exploring. After lunch, the team meets motorized transfer boat and loads the kayaks and other luggage and return slowly to Ucluelet. Wildlife viewing and whale watching on the return way.

Day 6: Hiking in Long Beach section of the Pacific Rim National Park. Long Beach is the longest stretch of sand swept by surf on Vancouver’s west coast and features secluded coves, cedar and hemlock forest and rich tide pools. South Beach and Schooner’s trails provide great scope for hiking. Return to Tofino in late afternoon.

Day 7: Reaching Tofino airport for departure. Time permitting, tourists can explore Ucluelet/Tofino area before departing.