Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park is among the best known national parks in the world. The park is situated in the northern territory of Australia. From the city of Darwin, the park is about a hundred and twenty four miles ( two hundred kilometers ) as you go in the east direction. The Park featured in the movie “Crocodile Dundee”, which was released in the year nineteen eighty six. There park is one of the most popular destinations with tourists.

The Kakadu National Park is located on the ancestral property of the Gagjudju aboriginal tribes that have had their home here since thousands of years ago. The tribe gave the land to the Australian National Parks and Wild life Service on lease in nineteen seventy eight. In the year nineteen seventy nine, the park was given the designation of National Park. Also, now the park has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the U N E S C O.

The National park extends close to seven thousand three hundred and four square miles ( nineteen thousand square kilo meters ). The sheer range of diverse flora and fauna that you can see in the park is a thing of wonder. The park is home to a thousand different species of plants, fifty species of mammals, two hundred and seventy five avian species, seventy five species of reptiles, twenty five species of frogs and fifty five species of fish.

Make sure you hire a guide while you are at Kakadu National Park. There are a good number of rare plants, animals and plants that only a qualified guide can point out. Make sure you check out the termite mounds here. This is another very popular attraction. The mounds made by termites are close to twenty feet tall. There are also a number of gorges and water falls to be seen