Increase your income with Rent Room

Looking for a way to escape monthly maintenance fees and the mortgage rate of your home? Why not rent out one of the empty rooms in your house or apartment and reduce your monthly expenses! With Rent Room, you can quickly publish a listing for your renting offer and find new tenants in no time! Wondering how renting out a room can benefit you? Let’s find out!

Renting out is an easy way to make money
Generating a solid income is the most obvious benefit of offering rooms for rent in your home. With this additional income, which does not require much management so you can easily keep working your daily job, you can help offset your monthly costs of running a home, as well as your mortgage.

If you want to find new tenants quickly, make sure to add as much detail to your online listing as possible. On Rent Room, you can attach photos to the listing and list the amenities by adding tags, helping the tenants find your offer. Think of everything that might be relevant and put it in the listing!

Enjoy some quality company
By finding a new tenant to occupy some of the empty rooms in your home, you can fight off the loneliness that comes with living in an empty apartment. Having a flatmate can also help you reduce the amount of work you have to do cleaning the apartment and maintaining it, as some of the work can be shared with the tenant.

Don’t worry – you will still have your peace and freedom, as most tenants leave the house for most of the day. Be it work or university, you will have the home for yourself most of the time during the day, with someone to talk with during the evenings.

Write off your renovation costs
Very often when you want to rent a room out to a tenant, you can write off the costs of your renovation work at home from the taxes you pay. What’s more, many countries around the world offer tax benefits and exemptions to citizens who rent out rooms in their apartments, so always make sure to do your research before you begin renting out!

With all of these benefits, renting out a room is a great way to earn some additional money and make use of those empty rooms in your home. To get to new tenants quickly and start earning as soon as possible, use Rent Room to advertise your listing.

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