Royal Gorge Rafting: Legendary adventure!

Just imagine yourself rafting on the River Arkansas from near the Canyon city and along the spectacular Rocky Mountains. This means that you are experiencing the Royal Gorge rafting where the majestic granite walls soars up to 1000 feet from both sides of the river. Now, visualize ahead wherein you pass via the roller coaster rapids of the river featuring big waves as well as fast drops drenching one fully. Isn’t this an advanced kind of adventure? Well, with the class IV and V rapids, the River Gorge rafting is just meant for the braves!

Royal Gorge Rafting

In Colorado, whitewater rafting is best at the Royal Gorge, which is evident from the fact that it is among the nation’s top 10 whitewater rafting destinations. The entire trip is a thrill due to the memorable rapids, crashing waves, as well as soaring canyon walls, which render the masters of whitewater rafting breathless. Sunshine Falls, Wall Slammer, Sledgehammer, and Boat Eater along with the highest suspension bridge on the planet at more than 1,100 feet are the breathtaking features of this exciting journey.

Although the Colorado’s Arkansas River offer a few thrilling whitewater rafting experiences, the best one is said to felt in its Royal Gorge area. This adventure is undeniably full of electrifying twists as well as a high sense of excitement that is meant for all irrespective of the skill level. Most of the rafting trips via this section of the river can be tailored to fulfill any demand. For this, the rafter just need to look for a reliable outfitter that can offer the best deals for taking care of the seasoned rafters as well as the beginners.

No matter which Royal Gorge outfitter you choose, all the trips are guided professionally that also feature safety precautions that are taken care of even prior to the departure of the raft from the shore. Besides that, all the rafters whether experienced or not are given a lifejacket, hamlet, and emergency instructions. As a rafter with former experiences, you know how important these features are as this area requires paddling via some quite dangerous Class III, IV, as well as V rapids. Kindly note that a few companies will never permit those below the age of 14 for this advanced adventure. So, if you want to experience this thrill with your family, kindly look out for the age requirements prior to reserving the trip.

Royal Gorge Rafting

Nestled near the famous Canyon City, the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River can be easily reached from the Colorado Springs within a drive of an hour. After reaching there, you board the raft that takes you challengingly via a few spectacular canyons along with the over the gorge suspension bridge. When you happen to pass under the bridge, do not forget to look up as the folks on this great feat will seem to encourage you, while some would also like to be with you in the raft.

At the end, I would like to conclude that the Royal Gorge rafting is not for the faint at heart ones, but for those brave spirits who are seeking for unique challenge. I would recommend the Adventure Outfitters of the Canyon City, who offers great half as well as full day trips with expert guides by choosing one of the following options:

Full Day Trip: $98 per person for 20 miles at 8:30 am.

Half Day Trip: $59 per person for 10 miles at 8:30 am, noon, and 2:30 pm.

Double Shot featuring gorge trip in morning and afternoon with a back break of lunch: $112.00/person at 8:30 am.