Snake River rafting, Idaho

Idaho is the best whitewater rafting destination in America because of its thousands of miles of whitewater rivers where the rapids range from class II (easy) to thrilling class V (adventurous). Exploring the rivers here is perfect amidst its mountainous landscape as well as undeveloped forests. Among the list of rivers for rafting here, the Snake River is a famous one; which can be explored via an organized tour offering even accommodations and meals.

The top draw of the Snake River rafting is its carved Hells Canyon – the deepest river gorge not only in North America but also on the planet; which descends up to 8000 feet down at some points and stretches the borders of Oregon and Idaho. Flanked by the striking mountainous views as well as the scenic sights into the isolated areas of Oregon and Idaho wilderness, the area of the deepest Hells Canyon is inaccessible by road. So, it is certain that a multi-day Snake River rafting trip is the perfect way to see the entire Hells Canyon along with the other highlights such as the natural history as well as the geological wonders. Such trips if selected for the intermediate or advanced whitewater adventure feature smooth stretch of water, wildlife viewing, historical sites, and hiking.

As you enter the remote areas of the wilderness while rafting on the frontier of Idaho and Oregon, the mountain vistas will captivate your mind. In the Pacific Northwest, it is this river packed with the boulders and rolled rock slides, which offer the biggest white water rafting rapids that features abundant wildlife as well as Class III-IV offering a classic river rafting adventure. The Snake River rafting ensures a thrilling experience over the Northwest’s most powerful whitewater.

An adventurous journey on the Snake River as well as along its sculpted Hells Canyon is a trip on a rich land of geologic marvel and myth. Straddling from south to north, the river splits the rockiest, but magnificent terrain of the planet due to which it engulfs boulders as well as rock slides. The thrillers here amazed to spot the challenging paddle-swallowing holes as well as high-crested waves.

Between the rapids, you will always have time to look back at some of the majestic scenery on the planet. This scenery includes the snow-capped peaks soaring more than a mile, golden grass mountainsides, pine forest, the Teton Mountain Range, horizon of the Grey’s National Forest, the limestone cliffs of the Snake River Canyon, and the wildlife such as bears, bald eagles, wild mountain goats, moose, pelicans, osprey, marmots, and beavers.

With the range of things to see, there is also some diversity in the kinds of tourists that come here for the Snake River rafting. Some come here because of fishing that is not at all exciting, while some many come to know about the history of the Native American tribes along with their early establishers, which is far more exciting than fishing. Nobody leaves the place without watching the well-maintained photos of the Native Americans as well as swimming in the 70-degree water.

Recommended duration

6 days whose cost starts from $860 per teen and $990 per adult.

Minimum recommendation

3 days


34-81 miles


Intermediate, Class III-IV


From May to October

Minimum Age

7 (10 at high water)

Start and End of the trip

From Cambridge to Whitebird or Lewiston, Idaho


Camping on the river banks

Trip highlights

   Grand Canyon-style rapids

   Pioneer homesteads

   Native American pictograph sites

   70-degree water temperature

   Vast trail

   Rich wildlife

   Majestic scenes


Snake River rafting offers chances of scenic floats as well as whitewater rafting. So, go for a guided float trip that will provide the options of whitewater rafting in the Snake River Canyon as well as the scenic floats in Grand Teton National Park.