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Hiking the John Muir Trail

There are hikers and hikers. Some enjoy local hiking at trails for a couple of hours every now and then, while some like to traipse through thick jungles for days of even weeks. In any case, John Muir Trail is one that would captivate either genre. (more…)


Kern River rafting

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Kern River is flows close to the Sequoia National Park in California, which covers 60 miles of whitewater. Kern River rafting is actually a must to undertake adventure in California during summers and spring.  With camping, local shops, and homely lunches, you, your friends, and your family can really enjoy the thrill of the Kern River. (more…)


Royal Gorge Rafting: Legendary adventure!

Just imagine yourself rafting on the River Arkansas from near the Canyon city and along the spectacular Rocky Mountains. (more…)


Ohiopyle white water rafting

Ohiopyle in Pennsylvania refers to a small area that is nestled in the Laurel Highland Mountains at some 50 miles from Pittsburgh. The term itself means the ‘white frothy water’ and is aptly named for the river of the same kind flowing in the Ohiopyle National Park. (more…)


Top 3 Things To Do When Backpacking Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination for almost everyone, especially nature lovers. However, it is also a very expensive destination, which could be such a big turn off. We suggest you rough it out by backpacking and camping.

Most visitors are probably in resorts and hotels, but if you backpack your way through Hawaii, you will see a more beautiful side of it. (more…)


Poconos skiing

Profound snow, low-key mountains, speedy lifts, and ideally neat trails – these are true inspirations for a skier to play and enjoy maximum on a skiing terrain. An enticing mix of all can be always experienced via the Poconos skiing in Pennsylvania where winter bites and slides are such that people of all skill levels can enjoy. Since 1946 when the history of skiing began on the Pocono Mountains via its first ski zone, this terrain has spoon-fed the art of the snowmaking as well as skiing rendering itself as the authentic destination of this winter sport. But when you speak about it today, Poconos is now the hub of all right from the beginner’s groomed slopes to the terrain parks and to the double black diamonds. (more…)


Five National Parks to Visit in Spring

For many, spring transitional period represents stale snow, mud, and freezing rain. Though the weather may be gray and uninspiring, this shouldn’t mean outdoor enthusiasts need to hole up at home. There are national parks across the country that are at their peak right now so go ahead, explore these gems while the time is right! (more…)


Heritage and Hospitality on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Steeped in history and surrounded by nature, distilleries of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail welcome newcomers and connoisseurs of whiskey.

The tour bus opened its doors and the Kentucky summer heat rushed in. White stone buildings lined a narrow lane, iron tracks paralleled the roadway, and several painters worked leisurely at their easels. (more…)