Waterfalls in Cullman, Alabama

Visit Cullman, Alabama to find a variety of interesting and beautiful waterfalls. Cullman, Alabama is home to many interesting and picturesque waterfalls. Cullman’s county park system and the City of Cullman’s park and recreation department provide access to natural areas for residents and visitors to the county and the central city of Cullman. Small town southern charm and the scenic beauty of lakes, rivers and waterfalls make Cullman, Alabama an enjoyable southern destination.

Hiking Trail Waterfalls

Hurricane Creek Park in Cullman, Alabama is a 67 acre natural area at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. This park features many miles of scenic hiking trails, several of which take hikers near waterfalls. These waterfalls are not named, but offer hikers and waterfall seekers an opportunity to enjoy their beauty. To enjoy the waterfalls, take the Hi-Trail from the park entrance and pass over the natural bridge. This trail also takes hikers across a swinging bridge to the picnic area with a large variety of wild flowers along the way.

Mountain Biking Trail Waterfalls

The Free Ride Mountain Biking Trail in Hurricane Creek Park also features a large waterfall that is part of a natural dam. Waterfall lovers who enjoy mountain biking can take the 3-mile loop on the New Gauntlet Trail. The New Gauntlet Trail has many built-in challenges for mountain bike riders and at the end of the trail there is a picnic area. At the picnic area, riders can enjoy the waterfall spilling over into a pond from the natural dam. This picnic area, pond and waterfall are at the bottom of a 500 foot canyon that is a part of the park.

Neighborhood Waterfalls

Cullman, Alabama is also home to one of the largest waterfalls in the state. Larkwood Falls is located in the Larkwood subdivision, a neighborhood built near Lake Catoma in Cullman. The waterfall is the natural spill-over from the lake and is active year round. The falls are well-hidden, but well-worth finding for the waterfall lover. The falls are over 75 feet tall and 100 feet wide.

Highway Waterfalls

Highway 67 runs through the City of Cullman and Cullman County and intersects with Highway 69. For waterfall lovers who enjoy a scenic byway, take Highway 67 and enjoy the natural waterfalls along the way. There are at least two large waterfalls and one smaller waterfall along this highway. You can access Highway 67 from Interstate 65 South by taking exit 334. Highway 67 runs southeast around the outside of Cullman and intersects with Highway 69 which takes visitors through the center of town.

Whether you enjoy scenic byways, hiking trails, mountain biking or stopping at a roadside park, Cullman, Alabama has something for waterfall lovers of all kinds.