Royal Gorge, Arkansas – Rafting at the Legendary Canyon

The Royal Gorge is on the River Arkansas close to Canon City in Colorado. The Gorge is fondly referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas”, and has on offer some of the most exciting white water rafting opportunities in entire United States.

The Royal Gorge has twelve miles of Class IV / V on offer and advanced rafting right through the rapids. You raft along lofty granite cliffs of more than 1100 feet in height. The setting is one that is designed to excite even the most cynical professional whitewater enthusiast.

Rafting the advanced classes may not be suitable for your group, in which case you can opt for upstream of the Bighorn Sheep Canyon, which has ten miles of whitewater of the Class II / III which is suitable for beginners and intermediate rafters.

The Rocky Mountains started its formation from the surrounding plains close to three million years ago. At that time the Arkansas River was just a tiny stream of water. The water flowed across the stone, and began to wear away.

The small stream grew over the years into the mighty Arkansas River, and cut a deep channel for itself through the granite mountains. This is what is now known as the Royal Gorges. This was millions of years prior to whitewater rafting. However, Native Americans and early explorers had used the gorge for shelter from the elements.

Rafting through the rapids is an experience that is unrivalled in thrill. The big drops, fast moving waters and crashing waves are named suggestively, as the Sledgehammer, the Grateful Dead. The scenery is breathtaking, but you need all the time you have to manage and navigate the raft through the roller coaster rapids.