Things to do with kids in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas and you have kids! Well then make this more fun. Though Las Vegas is known to be sin city the trip to Las Vegas will be exciting along with your kids. There are so many things to do with kids that you might forget casinos and pools.


This is located in the Venetian, in its open market area of Grand Canal Shoppes situated in the St Mark’s Square. There is gondola ride just like you experience in Venice. And this is one of the most popular things to do, people be it kids or adults come over to enjoy gondolas ride. Its so famous that the hotel had to hire more gondoliers and selling out every day!

Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is close to Grand Canyon and there is no need to write that what all you can do and see at the Grand Canyon. One of the best natural wonder in US, spectacular scenery, amazing gorges and canyons of the river Colorado, taking kids to Grand Canyon they will love it.


Well if you are weak at heart, then don’t even think of going to this place. You need to be strong and dare devil to experience this amazing ride which extends 64 feet to north edge of the tower, and then inverts centrifuge spinning passengers like G shape three times and with adding speed riders are pulled in escape proof seats which makes an angle of seventy degrees and the view is of the Las Vegas strip some 900 feet below you.


Well hang on tight, as you will be hanging some 50 feet high on just harness and a T-Bar separates you from the below concrete floor. The inverter is bound to invert your fears!

Lake Mead

Lake Mead, this is man made lake, largest in western hemisphere and ranks sixteenth in the world. The lake offers year round recreation to everybody, be it swimming, boating then hiking in the near by place and chance to see amazing wildlife.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Well here your kids can entertain along with being educated. See the marine life, along with the wildlife in Nevada. Also there are animated dinosaurs in display and a learning room for children.

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

again this place has things which you can admire as well as get knowledge about. Lied Discovery Children’s Museum displays exhibits on arts, sciences, humanities which totals to be more then hundred and this museum is largest children’s museum in United States.

M&M’s World

M&M’s World is four stories encasing colorful fun in Showcase Mall, which offers spectrum of candy filled, candy coated treats and many such items like t-shirts, caps, and even the very limited edition of lithographs.

Madame Tassuads in Las Vegas

This is museum which displays exhibits made from wax which are like replica of the famous people from all around the world.