Camel Safari in India

India might be a small country in the map, but it’s really hard to define India’s true potential looking at the blend of different cultures and traditions followed in different States, yet everybody staying true to the best of its values. Safari in India would be an awesome experience for adventure seekers. Indian safaris exemplify ample fauna and flora.

Anybody who doesn’t have an adventure seeking blood would slowly be converted to a notorious one over time. The diversified and unique Indian destinations are enough opportunity to let loose of yourself and sail in the safari mood. There’re safaris conducted throughout India stretching from Himalayan Mountain ranges to Thar Desert along with plenty of forests and national parks that run through the country. Safaris can be enchanting and quite an experience and nature deserves all the kudos to make it interesting all the time.

There’re a variety of safaris and travelers could choose any of them to suit their adventurous tastes namely camel safari, horse safari, elephant safari, bike safari and jeep safaris. We’ll explore camel safari at the moment.

Camel Safari

If you’re enticed by the fumy sands of the desert and quite eager to fall into its spells, then camel safari is the best to be undertaken. Rajasthan is the most favored States for such safaris. You could visit places like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner that are quite popular and most frequented for camel safaris. Thar Deseret has its own frequency, the resonance of which could be heard many a miles and could take you to the Egyptian era straightaway. Rajasthan women dressed in their usual attire like colorful Ghaghra Choli, men in their angrakha, pagdi and dhoti outfits, thatched huts, wide desert, Rajasthani folk music are surely going to make this safari truly a memorable one. The most appropriate time for a camel safari is from the months of November through March.