How to Make the Most of Beach Camping

Camping on the beach can be the most magnificent experience, and truly the most surreal. But like usual, planning is required. Through this article, you will find how to make the experience as magic as it should be.

Before you begin, it is critical for you to understand that beach camping can be absolute bliss. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the worst situations that you have ever been in. Trust me, do your homework before taking this trip!

Before I start, I want you to understand that I am not trying to talk you out of going beach camping. That is not my intention, although I may come across like that at certain points. Don’t let it distract you; just keep reading and everything will come together in the end. I Promise.

Beach Camping

First Things First

You need to find a beach that allows camping. Sounds ridiculous at first but 80% of the beaches in the continental US are privately owned. Rule of thumb, if there are no other tents, yours probably shouldn’t be there either.

The best thing to do if you live near a coastline is just to do some preliminary research. Drive around and see what’s going on a few weeks before you plan to go. Also, there are many online resources where you can book reservations.

You are after a nice romantic experience with your loved one, right? And you want an atmosphere where there is nobody around, right? It’s ok! Because when you find a beach that caters to campers, you will also find that everyone else feels pretty much the same way. Everyone wants to be alone! Skinny-dipping after midnight will not be a problem.

Beach Camping

Preparation For Beach Camping

So you have your msr camping tent, a lantern, a blanket, a bottle of chardonnay, and you’re ready to go, right? Wrong! The beautiful beaches of California, Texas, Florida and most Caribbean island beaches can be unlivable at night.

There are certain times of the year where horse flies, no see um’s, sand fleas, and even lizard’s and reptiles will have no problem coming to see what you are up to. And what about the wind? The wind on coastal beaches is usually about 3-4 times more intense than inshore breezes. And the stakes for your tent?

They do you No Good if all you have is 6 inches of sugar sand to sink them into.

Check The Weather

A couple of days before you leave consult the local weather, weather channel, or Wunderground to find out nautical conditions! Not local conditions. For example, if I’ll be camping off of the beaches in San Francisco, CA, I will not check the weather for “SF, CA”, I would look for the weather for coastal San Francisco or the Bay area. These areas are closer to the water than SF city, and you will get better results. Along with temperature, pay close attention to the wind speed and “chop”, or wave height. If the wave height or “chop” is more than two feet, cancel your trip! Do it another weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

Camping On The Beach By Doing It the right way

The easiest way that I have ever found is to ask the locals. Once you have found where you want to camp, find the closest hotel (preferably not 40 miles away) and inquire about their rates first. Then begin a conversation with them. Perhaps ask them about their pool and parking situation, then discreetly segway into how you are looking forward to spending an evening (probably late evening) on the beach. Explain to them that you are planning to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend at midnight on the beach. Explain to them that this night will never be forgotten. Most of the time, they will tell you if your time on the beach “at that hour” will be enjoyable. If it is, your home free!

Things You Need To Bring When You are Beach Camping

  • Bug Spray
  • Socks
  • Blankets
  • Tarp
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Lantern
  • Local tide chart
  • Firewood (if you plan on having a fire)

Ok, Now Your Considering The Motel

Don’t!! Let me tell you why camping on the beach is an excellent idea. Beach Camping, when done right, is the most intense form of romantic tranquility that most people have never experienced. Sitting on the beach, with a glass of wine, watching the sun slowly set into the horizon of a billion glistening peaks of water is the most spiritual thing that I have ever personally witnessed. Not to mention the roar of the ocean that you will hear all night long.

Do not worry; it’s a nice roar. You will sleep just fine.

  • Let’s Sum It Up
  • Do Your Homework
  • Find A Location
  • Talk To Locals
  • Check The Weather
  • Pack Perfect
  • Don’t Forget The Chardonnay!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading me. Feel free to drop us a line if you want to add something!