Things to do in Costa Rica with Kids

Costa Rica is one of the best places for family vacation, where you can wander in greenery and exploring the one of the most amazing destination to see plethora of wildlife. Also a best destination to do many different sports, listing down below are things to do with your kids in Costa Rica which will keep your kids smiling and make them have fun of their life:

Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui Wildlife Boat Ride:

The boat ride is amazing, there is no need to hike and yet kids can see sloths, monkeys, caiman and many other animals. Munch on snacks and see these wild animals in wild from safe distance and also enjoy a boat ride. Also there is a Mussanni bakery which kids will love for their tasty cakes and pastries. Splurge on their ice creams as well.

The Caribbean Coast:

This side of the coast will give you best beach experience rather then the Pacific side of beaches, which are lined by many hotels. Beaches in Caribbean coast are very beautiful and gorgeous. You will be able to see monkeys hanging around and playing in the rain forests along the coast. Kids friendly and favorite beaches are:

Punta Uva which is safe for swimming and is quite lovely.

Cahuita it’s a national park, with pristine beach with the white sand.

Playa Negra this is Black sand beach, and has lodges for stay some 10 to 20 minutes walking distance. Beach is swimming safe and is beautiful to see.

Bring cash then credit cards, as later rarely gets accepted.

Poas Volcano:

This is Costa Rica’s only active volcano, where you can visit right up to its crater. Its advisable that visit the place before clouds rolls in. because it will give you a good view of crater as well as the milky fumes swirl.  There is paved path made on which you can walk  and see the crater makes it easy to navigate. Plus on your way see poor man’s umbrella plant whose leaves are bigger then your 5 year old. Also check out side trails in elfin cloud jungle and visit the interpretive center.

Baldi Volcanic Hot Springs:

This place is not to be missed, Baldi Volcanic Hot Springs which is in La Fortuna. In clear sky you get view of classic cone shape Arenal Volcano. Also there are two pools which are cool enough for kids to have swim. There are many hotels and lodges which will offer a package of food, stay and all which is feasible and you will have wonderful time.

Monteverde Frog Pond:

Ranarium or the frog pond is in Monteverde in Santa Elena, a day excursion to see the amazing frogs. Guide will show you with flashlight sleeping and hoping frogs. The bright colored blue, red, green poison dart frogs which are size of thumbnails are the attraction to this place. Walk in cool time and do have the famous Monteverde ice cream.