Top tips for solo motorcycle traveller through Asia

Motorcycle traveling through Asia can be quite the experience, especially for the solo traveller. To make the most of your experience proper research and planning is crucial. To get you start, below is a list of tips to help you with your travels.


Plan Your Route

For the solo traveller, it is crucial to plan your route before anything else. This will be the determining factor for how you should dress, plan for food, and even plan your stops. Also, it is important to note that if you are entering from out of the country, you will need to get your bike across the border. This is legal but it is important to note which borders you can bring your bike across based on your planned route! Some of the top places to bike in Asia include the Mae Hong Song Loop in Northern Thailand, the Thakhek Look in Central Laos, and the Ha Giang Province in Northern Vietnam. Be sure to check these out amongst other popular spots!

Plan Your Stops

If you are travelling Asia it is likely that you want to see as much as possible. Make sure to check along with your planned route for popular landmarks or tourist attractions so you don’t miss anything and you receive the full experience! You will also want to plan when and where you will be needing to stop for fuel as well as sleep and restroom visits.


Plan a Budget

Once you have planned your route and your stops, you will have a good idea of the finances that will be required for your trip. These expenses could include gas, lodging, food, and excursions.

Dress Appropriately

This tip may be one of the most important for your solo trip. Having the appropriate motorcycle boots, motorcycle helmet, and motorcycle gear will allow for the most enjoyment on your adventure. Given that you are likely stretching your trip out over several days, weeks, or even months it is important to be comfortable for the duration of the trip!

Dress Appropriately

Pack Your Luggage

Depending on the length of your travels, it is likely that you will need to pack a decent amount of luggage. Make sure that you pack enough but not so much that you weigh yourself down!

Pack Food

During your travel, you may have set deadlines or checkpoints that you are trying to meet. Having to stop for food and water could prevent you from reaching these checkpoints so plan accordingly. Make sure to pack light weight nonperishable foods that you can stop to quickly eat without hindering your trip too much.

Learn the Lingo

If you are travelling from out of the country then it is important to become fluent in the native tongue. Make sure to take the time to educate yourself on the cultures you may experience on your trip.

Consider Travel Insurance

This is not a must but due to the dangers of solo motorcycle travel, it is recommended that you consider Travel Insurance in the event of an accident.

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Stay Rested

It is very important to your health and safety to stay rested when travelling. Operating any vehicle wile tired is dangerous let alone a motorcycle. Be sure to plan the appropriate stops to allow yourself to stay rested and fresh.

Have a Back Up Plan

Remember that due to weather amongst other restraints your plan could change. Be sure to account for this. It is also essential to make sure  that you have a backup map in case your GPS device fails as well as back up funding in the event your cash runs low.

Enjoy Yourself

This is the most crucial travel tip of all. You can plan all you want but try to stay stress-free and enjoy your trip. Solo travelling across the country can truly be a once in a lifetime experience and should be treated as such. Know that your plan may fall apart at some time but having the ability to adapt on the fly with ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable trip!

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