Vietnam vacations: Trekking, diving, and rafting

Vietnam is an upcoming destination in the list of adventurous holidays of the backpackers. So, most of the tourists do look for the various land and water adventures while planning for the Vietnam vacations. In this context, I would describe this Southeast Asian nation as a landscape of enthralling beauty, rich sceneries in form of the Red River as well as Mekong Deltas and green rice-paddy fields, towering mountains, blissful beaches, and misty forests. Now, with this, you can imagine the various sports that you can enjoy on your Vietnam vacations – trekking, hiking, rafting, biking, rock climbing, diving, and kayaking. So, just get ready to experience the chill while being sporty at the rocky as well as aquatic terrains.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Hiking is the best way to know the nation’s rugged as well as mountainous culture more closely. The north of the country is the most scenic, while the Central Highlands are sure to intoxicate you. Okay, leave the mountains and hike along the grassy trails of the Mekong Delta or along the virgin interiors of the deep forests featuring diverse flora and fauna. I would recommend for the jungle trekking as that is one of the adventures at its best here! One more suggestion is for the Pu Luong Nature Reserve trekking starting from Hanoi and taking one to Mai Chau and the reserve. In this 6-day tour, you moderately trek for 5 days with only 10 people at the cost of US$ 285 per person. The main attraction here is the outstanding reserve, biodiversity, and cultures amidst the rich forest, great rice terraces, limestone panoramas, spectacular scenery, and friendly locals.

Motorcycling from west to east in north as a 5-day trip for US$ 583 per person is moderately challenging. A different route from Son La to Thac Ba takes you through the striking scenes and tribal cultures with the company of the locals to drive their Honda here to reach the farms. The best thing is that fewer tourists know of this road and so you are free to bike comfortably, adventurously, and joyfully.


Mekong Delta

If you are here, you just cannot miss the Mekong Adventure. If you are a beginner in the world of biking, take up the 4-day tour of which 3 days are for biking for $356 per person with the trip starting from Saigon. Be with the group of 10 and experience the delightful biking sport that will make you participate in the daily life at the Mekong. Cycle along the school children or amidst the lush fruit orchards, lively floating market on the Mekong River, endless paddy fields, and busy canals.

One of the must adventures to be perceived during the Vietnam holidays is kayaking in the Ha Long Bay. The nation is among the most preferred destinations for paddling. And that, the dramatic backdrop at the bay featuring beaches, stunning 3000 limestone isles, quaint bays, dark stalagmite caves, and wonderful shores just offer a perfect opportunity for the same. This bay is the wonderland of the karst landscape with the labyrinth of islets, hidden lagoons, and scenes. Take up a 3-day tour from Hanoi for $267 per person, which include 1 day of kayaking and moderate kayaking grade. However, even the novice can take this one. The bay is also good for cruising overnight.

kayaking in the Ha Long Bay

kayaking in the Ha Long Bay

Scuba diving is really great at some beaches here, especially Vung Tau and Nha Trang Beaches. This is one of the most colorful water sports in the thrilling list of Vietnam adventures. Rafting is also possible in the nation’s Pong Nha River.

If you are with your family and want to experience the combined charms of biking and kayaking in the Halong Bay, take up the 12-day tour that starts from Hanoi and takes you through the Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, and the Mekong Delta. From US$ 1029 per person, you get to experience kayaking in the Halong Bay, biking in the Hue’s previous capital, floating market of Cai Rang, and the beautiful ancient town of Hoian. The charges also include accommodations and walking along the temples and pagodas of old Hanoi, biking along the rice paddies, kayaking in the maze-like limestone projections, and exploring the historic sites along with the enchanting architectural gem – Hoi An city.

Take up these trips from March onwards, but before May.

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