Trekking in Leh – Ladakh

Ladakh, a region in North India is famous as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The region is home to the two mightiest mountain ranges of the world – the Great Himalayan ranges and the Karakoram.

These have made the destination a mecca for adventure enthusiasts – trekkers and climbers have a huge number of opportunities for action here. The region is known for trekking and is a main center for the activity in India. Leh is the main town here.

Your Ladakh adventure will begin at Leh. Leh is known for its mind bogglingly awesome views of the Himalayas, marketplaces filled with colors, monasteries dating back to ages and a huge assortment of other charms. You literally feel on top of the world. There are some excellent opportunities on offer for nature enthusiasts and adventurers.

There are trekking tours ranging from durations of one day to one month. Touring, riding, rafting, cycling, walking and a whole lot more are on offer. The local culture is also infinitely interesting. The huge number of options makes for a rewarding experience.

Most Popular Trails for Trekking . . .

Leh has some superb trails for trekkers. The Indus Valley trek is a popular trek.

There is the Markha Valley Trek from Spituk, or even the Ladakh Zanskar trek along the Zanskar River.

Light . . .

The Sham Trek and the Spituk trek are also popular, as they are more leisurely in nature. The Nubra Valley Trek passes through the alpine green meadows. The snow leopard trails trek and the Spiti Valley Trek are also quite easy.

   Spituk trek

   Sham Trek

   Nubra Valley Trek

   snow leopard trails trek

   Spiti Valley Trek

Among the treks offering a moderate level of difficulty are the . . .

   Junglam trek

   Frozen River Trek

   Indus Valley Trek

   Pangong Lake Trek

   Darcha Padum Trek

The following treks are even more challenging and require at least some experience . . .

   Stok Kangri Trek

   Rupshu Valley Trek

   Alchi – Lamayuru Trek

   Markha Valley

   Nubra Valley trek

The most challenging treks of the region are Major Leh Ladakh Trekking Routes are:

   Darcha Padum Trek

   Nubra Valley trek

   Stok Kangri Trek

   Markha Valley trek

   Ladakh Monastery trek

   Indus valley trek

   Ladakh Zanskar Trek

   Lamayuru Alchi Trek

   Frozen River Trek

   Leh Ladakh Trek