Walking adventure in West Yorkshire

There is a unique trail that passes through a wooded valley which is quite secluded. This place is rich in plant life, bird life and animal life as well.

There are huge trees that have been planted since the eighteen hundred and seventies. This is precisely when the autumn changes color at this time of the year. There are huge beaches, nuts and copper leaves which carpet the ground. Along here you will see many different species of fungi that grows on the ground. When you are on trees or deadwood, there are huge remains of a huge bridge that carried railway carriages over the Black Dean. Over here is a good place to spot different species of birds like woodpeckers, jays, herons and dippers.

When you get to the hell whole quarry, there is a lot to be expected as this apparently is the best part of the whole thing. When you actually follow the lone of the old railway, you can actually imagine the many activities that happen here including the noises of the past. Once you get your camera out of the bag and start clicking away. You are sure to spot some beautiful sights and once you do get a shot , be sure to take it as these creatures might not remains in the same position for too long.

The walk starts at the Gibson Mill’s courtyard. The best way to get here is by foot. You could come here via the riverside walking through Hebden Bridge. In fact if you come through their lanes, you would also get to pass by Pennine Way.

If you are taking a bicycle then you could cycle around network route sixty eight, there us a cycle way called the Pennine cycle way which is about two miles from the Hebden Bridge.

When you travel bus, the bus number that goes around here is nine hundred and six. The bus goes around the bridge right up to the car park in Midge hole.

If you are traveling by train then, you could head to Hebden station which is about two miles to the north.

If you are coming here by your own car then you should head west from Halifax, then this place lies about one and half mile north of Hebden bridge. You could walk up to the estate road all the way to Gibson mill. After this you could take one of the way marked way and walk out from here.

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