Ajanta Caves – India

In any event, if you are planning a visit to India, make sure you visit Ajanta Caves. It suits well for both tourists seeking adventure as well as some solace and honeymooners too for a quiet time together from the usual noisy scenes back home. The visit to Ajanta entices you charmingly with its mysteries deepened and the mind seeking answers to numerous questions about existence of life dating back to many centuries.

It’s just the kind of place you want to be, explore like a caveman and come out satisfied with some answers, though most part of the mystery still remains unsolved. The prehistoric caves would mesmerize as well as relax you at the same time and would never disappoint you at any point. The magical artistry involved in its creation leaves many dumbfounded and serves as an opportunity to get away from the unusual situations at work place. Leave everything behind and get into the awesomeness of these caves and for once at least lead life as a caveman leaving the modern civilization behind and dreaming of adapting to life back then.

Monsoons are the most favorable time to make a trip to Ajanta caves. The rivers generally swell up during this time and you enjoy the beauty of waterfalls practically everywhere in its vicinity. It sure does take you to a different dimension and you would only believe when seen. If you can’t make it in the monsoons for whatever reason, try to make the journey between the months of October-February, as winter months would generally be cool and chilly offering you the perfect weather to embrace both history and the weather simultaneously.

There’re a total of 30 caves in Ajanta that are numbered sequentially covering the gorge. The caves are known to be constructed in the 1st Century BC. Going back to prehistoric times and entering a new world is quite easy as you move along trying to unwrap the mystery surrounding the construction. Legend says Buddhist monks belonging to the Mahayana sect used this place to stay and meditate. Most of the caves depict splendid artwork. Quite a number of caves also portray some interesting sculptures showing people in large numbers asking Avalokiteshvara’s help, a disciple of Buddha, to get away from dangers like sword, fire, chains, lions, shipwrecks, demons of death and rampaging elephants. Moreover, murals and paintings are very interesting, especially for art lovers that would have a good time going through the details. Each cave is unique and slightly different from the other. Just the feeling of seeing something raw and simple makes your visit a very eventful one and memories to carry for a lifetime. However, if you seek more adventure, you need to be quite fit and able to accomplish a cool 30-min hike involving an uphill climb for that’s the place from where British actually found out the existence of these caves during their time in India. This place also offers splendid views of Waghora Mountains and gorges.