Tahiti Islands : Romance with the waves

The Tahiti islands are extra ordinary. The setting is very romantic so it would make a great place for a honeymoon venue but at the same time the waters around are islands offer amazing potential for sailing and other water adventure sports.

The Tahiti island is the largest island in French Polynesia. . It is part of the archipelago of the society islands . It is the most populated island in French Polynesia. And it makes up for about seventy percent of the population.

Tahiti moorea

Papette, which is the capital is on the north-coast slightly to the west. This place is also called O’tahiti.

Tahiti got discovered by the Polynesians and some tribes who were there a little earlier. The island is capable of a variety of fishing activities , as well as it has very fertile soil which makes it a suitable place to grow many different types of crops.

Samuel Wallis in 1767 who came across Tahiti was known to be the first visitor from all of the Europe. One explorer also , mistook this lovely island to be Lasagitaria island.

The island is known to be very romantic and because of this many Europeans capitalized on this and made it part of the Tahitian culture.

The society islands are most popular amongst sailors. The harbor here is awesome and you can hire a wide variety of charters from here. In fact you can hire a crew along with the boat if you’d like.

Papeete is the biggest port here in Tahiti island. This place has around thirty island. So there is always plenty of place to be to yourself, without anyone disturbed your privacy. One of the places way… further was Hiva Oa. This place is quite famous actually. A Famous artists called Paul Gauguin is buried here. Taha island has amazing coral gardens and awesome reefs, the snorkeling trips out here are very well known.

Huahine has the lushest greens and the loveliest sunsets. The place is almost picture perfect

Taha is and amazing place, and so is Bora Bora.

The virgin bay on Fatu Hiva is usually busy with tourists but none the less it is a superb place to visit. The low lying group of coral atolls have bright blue lagoons. This is one of the most attractive places amongst these islands.

Many tourists who sail here, have recommended Marae de Taputatea on Raiatea. Long time ago , this place used to be a religious center in the region. Now, this place has stone carvings and decorated walls all around it.