Hot, Hotter, Hottest – Feel the heat and take the Travel Tips

So you jet set and zoom to a destination come summer and you are totally excited and happy. Suddenly all your plans go kaput when either you or your child, or your partner or friend or whoever you are travelling with falls sick. Yes, summer travel includes this risk and it is advisable to take the tips for summer travel very seriously and also try to abide by them. It is not a joke to travel in summer without safety and precaution. Though the best time to travel yet a very risky way and travel tips are essential at this point of time.

It is seen that the most common of all diseases that affect the travelers can be stopped with proper immunization. If you are travelling to a region where a particular diseases is rampant then make sure you get immunized against that disease and take proper vaccinations.

For example if you are going to any part of Eastern Europe, Central America, South America, or Africa or Asia, then there are diseases like typhoid, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A etc which affect the tourists. So get yourself immunized and just guard against the virus.

But there are certain diseases which cannot be avoided so it is ideal if you have the medicines for these diseases in hand especially if you are with an elderly, child or anyone who is not having a strong immune system.

China is affected with food, hand and mouth diseases. Fever like the Chikungunya is there in some parts of Asia, and Brazil has Yellow Fever, there is Rabies in Bali, and the South African region has the Rift Valley Fever. So you should ensure that you are protected against all this and preferable avoided.

Guard against diarrhea which is a water contaminated disease. It is imperative that you do not have tap water in any country and you should always ensure that you are hydrated. It is very difficult for travelers to remain without drinking water. So this is another disease that the travelers should protect themselves against.

Remember to close y our mouth while taking a shower in places which have water borne disease and also brush teeth with bottled water and avoid ice beverages and also beverages like coffee and tea in these disease affected areas.

Buy purified water and also have your own water filter if possible. Also you could add water purification tablets or try to boil water if you are in an accommodation where you can do it.

Food also is a great health hazard and the travel tips include taking care of the diet that you have. If you have cooked, boiled and peeled food you can eat it. This is one of the best travel tips for a summer destination.

For example raw fruits and vegetables should be best avoided. The best travel tips for meat include eating it if it is hot. When the food is cold it has more bacteria.

Travel tips ensure that you travel right and you travel safe.