Stylish places Style your travels – Desert Safari in Rajasthan

In the land of colors, in the land of culture and tradition and in the land of the dunes. This is the land of the sand king and the desert queen – This is the land of Rajasthan in the continent of India. Nestled in the desert sands in the northwestern part of this great land of color and culture India, Rajasthan is the place to be in if you are looking for a desert safari.

The camel is the ship of the desert and Rajasthan is the ship of desert safari. If you are in Rajasthan then this animal which was domesticated many years back mainly for the purpose of transport, has to be experienced. With the hard paths that it has traversed, the camel feels very comfortable in the soft, golden sands of the Thar Desert. So wouldn’t you want to delve into the realms of these sandy dunes and go on a desert safari in one of your travels? Do go and ensure you go in the cooler parts of the evenings and the morning. Avoid the hot afternoons.

As you go the sights that you see would totally enthrall you and you would be going back with a lot more than you expected. Make sure you have your camera intact and the barren nature of the land will not deter you from enjoying as this in itself is a great scene. The grand ocean of glittering yellow would render you completely mesmerized and you certainly would love to see the occasional herds of cattle that roam around and also the sheep that dominate these regions. These grazing animals seem to be the only break in the monotony of the sand here. Yet you would enjoy this desert safari simply for the ambience and the surroundings. There are those kids you would see dressed colorfully and going back home after school, then you could see the mothers carrying the small kids and also women who carry pots of water on their head. You would get captivated to see the way they balance these pots on their heads.

Halt at any village hut and you will be received with warmth and love and would be given the best food fare ever. You never would have tasted this kind of delicious food. More than what you eat it is how you are served that would go to make the food tastier.

As evening closes and night dawns in, you certainly would enjoy the beauty of the star sudden night above and the seemingly innocent sands looking at you more sedate and calmer than the aggressive nature they seem to be during the day.

You could also go on a jeep safari. Some tourists prefer this as it is faster than the slow, calm, camel. This jeep safari is surely more comfortable and smooth. The open jeep is a preferred tour as it not only gives you the feel of the surroundings around but also makes you comfortable with the whole place in particular.

Go on a desert safari in Rajasthan in India and feel the difference.