Pattaya beaches

Pattaya is a famous tourist place in Eastern Thailand. About 150 km South East of Bangkok there is the famous and popular tourist resort Pattaya. Night life, attractions and many activities in Pattaya city and the Pattaya beaches. The Pattaya beach from the North to the South of Pattaya, the Jomtien Beach in Jomtien and Wongamat beach in Naklua, North Pattaya. Go to for property for rent in Pattaya. Pattaya Beach is a buzzing and vibrant beach of Pattaya. 7 km long popular stretch beach Pattaya. Pattaya Beach, a very busy beach area with all and everything. Many bars, hotels and restaurants on the beach road. Street vendors and beach vendors all around. At night, Pattaya beach is an exciting area to hang around.

Jomtien Beach, 5 km south of Pattaya. Nice beach in Pattaya. Jomtien Beach, 8 km sandy coastline, not so chaotic and crowded with people as Pattaya beach. Jomtien beach is wider, cleaner and quiet more then Pattaya Beach. Rising fast but still a place to have a good time and relaxing on the beach. At the other side of Pattaya you have Naklua with the Wong Phrachan beach and Wong Amat beach. The nicest and great beaches in North Pattaya, family friendly and beautiful Naklua beaches in the North of Pattaya.