The Wildest Safari, Ever!

Have you ever been on a wild safari ? OK let me rephrase that !! Have you ever been on a wild safari in a ‘luxury’ hot air balloon ? Well here is your chance.

Deep into the Serengeti plains in Africa. There exists a luxury hot air balloon which offers you unbelievable views of the landscape under-view. You can click amazing pictures and stills of the most awesome animals in all their natural wonder.

Serengeti is Maasai for “endless plains”. It is one of the largest sites for overland migration and is also one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world. Serengeti is home to many national parks and wildlife preserves.

The launch site for the hot air balloons is at Masai Kopjes. If your lucky, and arrive early, then you can catch the pilot supervising the inflation of the balloon, you could ask him questions and know what you should look out for. Know that the only time that you can roam about in the wilderness during the dark is at this time. Each balloon carried about 12 people. And two balloons fly at the same time every day. The balloon usually goes along with the wind. Although the pilot can control the altitude and the direction of the balloon. You could go to Heights of about 10,000 to take panoramic pictures and offer you breathtaking views. The pilot also takes you to the tree top level so you can get a view of the wild animals and take close up pictures.

The balloon usually goes along the Seronera river and a large part of the morning journey so that you get a glimpse of the lovely animals that come here for a drink of water. Amongst them are zebras, vultures, elephants, buffalo, monkeys, giraffes, lions and leopards. The pilot would usually help you identify the animals so that you could look and take pictures. The balloon ride is just amazing. You have occasional burns so that the air in the balloon gets warmer and you go higher, so there is this roaring sound that you can hear when it happens. But between the burns, its almost silent beachhead you are just gliding in the air. The ride is very stable and there is no vibration or any sudden movement. So taking pictures and videos is quite suitable for the ride.

Once the ride is done, the pilot will ask you to put away your camcorders and your cameras and get into a crouching position. Once on the ground. The team pops a champagne bottle open for you so that you can view your pictures and videos while sipping on a chilled bottle of champagne. How cool is that !!

So come to Serengeti and find out what the wildest safari you can ever have, feels like!