The complete overview of Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang, the former Himalayan Kingdom, just opened for trekking in 1991, and is considered to be a last stronghold of Tibetan culture. If you are looking for an extremely cultural trek has best treeless barren landscapes with grey and yellow rolling hills by the wind, look like the Tibetan Plateau, Upper Mustang trek is a best option!

In general usage Mustang refers to the arid, Tibetan-like region famous for its inhabitants as Lo, 700 hundred years ago this place is an active area. It was the hub of Buddhist art and scholarship, and extremely likely the simplest relationship between the salt deposits of Tibet and the cities of Indian subcontinent.

The Mustang Trek will take you via Upper Mustang, a limited area, which previously just permitted some two hundred trekkers through yearly. While the trail is remarkable, its barren and rural landscapes are also not for the soft hearted person. The trek itself does not go to very top elevations and is not physically extremely tough, but harsh afternoon winds can be challenge. Because of the winds and deficiency of ample water, camping will be done in villages, which are not forever conveniently spaced. Some trekking days will thus be quite long and other pretty short. These are, anyway, the conditions if you want to experience the starkly charming and highly cultural land of Mustang, a trek which is highly advised.

Trekking in Mustang region is special experience which takes you to an arid place beyond the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. The route entails traveling across desert like marine valleys, eroded cliffs, deep canyons, barren ridges and landscapes. Trekking in Mustang is really one of the most worthwhile experiences in country. So, via this trek you will have a best and simple view of the primitive society that has remained unchanged by modernization for centuries.

Upper Mustang is changing it still shocks the visitors with its lovely vista and the stubborn way it cling to its special culture. Indeed the culture is fighting back, crumbing art jobs and being restored. There are approximately 275 houses in Lo Mangthang having 4 castes: the blacksmiths, the everyday folk, the royal caste, and the millers and butchers. The royal palace roof has solar units on it now a day, along with a little green garden of different flapping flags, holy decorations and definitely stacked firewood. Polyandry and sky burial are still remain perform in the upper mustang area. The upper Mustang trekking is once in a natural life place to discover the lovely medieval walled kingdom.

This Mustang trek open out the fabled kingdom of arid and vast valleys, yak caravans, eroded canyons – dyed mud brick homes on the back dropped of royal mountain of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Tuckhe, and Nilgiri. Lying in the rain shadow of the Himalaya, and officially one of Nepal private regions, this trek is famous for its desert harsh and beauty, cliff-faced landscapes. The main consideration is the winter, when most residents leave the capital to avoid snow and cold. Generally, the remarkable time to visit Upper Mustang is from March to early November.